Why Us

KillerCoder was created by a team of professionals who has been working in the staffing & tech industries for over 10 years. We’ve combined both worlds to create an easy to use yet revealing tool to ensure recruiters save time by only interviewing candidates that are fit for the job.

Our tests have been designed in collaboration with experienced engineers who understand the essential skills required for a developer to perform well at his job. We’ve developed programming skills and logic-based challenges to select the most creative and solution-oriented candidates who will best be able to accompany your business in its growth.

With over ten year of experience of building tech teams for other companies and our own, we understand that a good hire does not only involve technical know-how. Teamwork, communication, leadership & creativity are all necessary skills for developers to be able to bring out the best of themselves & their coworkers.
At KillerCoder we want you to benefit from our collective experience and assess these soft skills through proven tests. These help you prepare an informed interview with the candidate for best results

Our team is comprised of engineers who have been through many lengthy interview processes. These tests are often designed by HR teams with no consideration for the time and effort that the developers will have to put into the tests. We’ve found that many qualified candidates can drop out of a lengthy recruiting process, preferring companies with more efficient hiring practices. Killer Coder will improve their experience and the image of your company.