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Validity and Reliability of Tests

Pre-employment testing is necessary in order to see if the applicants have the skills required to perform a specific job. To ensure legal defensibility is also essential for employers. Reliability The reliability of the test depends on its performance in measuring the skills necessary for the job. If an individual takes the test repeatedly and

Tuesday July 07, 2020

Why Skills Assessments Beat Interviews When It Comes to Predicting Job Performance

No joke but traditional job interviews aren’t up to the job. Leading companies have found smarter ways for candidates to show off their talent. Welcome to the age of skills assessments. Why they predict on the job performance better : Recruiters can focus on the ideal candidate Interviews ignore human evaluation to predict performance Gone

Thursday July 02, 2020

6 Steps to Master Full Life Cycle Recruiting

The entire process and the steps taken to hire a new worker is known as life cycle recruiting. It is also known as 360 recruitment. This process is completed in six significant steps. Each step is further divided into other small steps, and many tasks are associated with each step. Preparation: Preparation is the most

Tuesday June 30, 2020

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