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Choosing The Best Assessment Platform For High Stake Online Tests Has Never Been Easier

Paper-Based exams are in the past because they no longer offer advantages as computer-based exams. Besides fast feedback, they also bring a tremendous amount of efficiency. Candidates are satisfied because the advanced technology brings innovation and testing like they always dreamed of. There are many platforms when it comes to online assessments, and one should

Thursday March 26, 2020

Interviewing a Database Developer

The Database Developer is an increasingly essential role to any company in this digital age, and the task of knowing the right questions and answers to ask and expect at interview is a daunting one. Follow these guidelines not only to find out the best questions to ask of potential developers but also to see

Thursday March 19, 2020

ODOO Candidates – What is the Most Important Thing That Recruiters Should Know?

There is no more specific software than Odoo because of its unique requirements. To be an Odoo professional developer, one must also be a professional ERP developer since Odoo is ERP. Written on Python, the developers that specialize in this software are proficient in both ERP development and Python programming language. As you can calculate

Thursday March 12, 2020

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