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Skills To Look for When Hiring .Net Developers

To better understand the must-have skills of a .NET developer, we need to begin by a glance at the concept of .NET. Network Enabled Technology is a Microsoft-developed framework for developing applications usable on the web, mobile phones, and windows. This framework, abbreviated as .NET, is considered a Microsoft intervention to counter Sun’s Java on

Monday April 12, 2021

Hiring Technical Talent in Post COVID Era

COVID 19 has brought many changes not leaving behind in the employment sector. Employees were forced to work from home to prevent the further spreading of the virus. Employers are currently undergoing difficulties related to hiring the right technical talents. Remote working is becoming the new normal, and there are so many things that employers

Thursday April 08, 2021

Candidate Screening Made Easy

When a job is posted, the recruitment team will receive many application letters, whether from qualified or non-qualified candidates. After the applications are received, the position remains to the screening team to determine the best match. The old way of screening candidates has been replaced by technological advancement. Before introducing the new screening protocols, there

Tuesday April 06, 2021

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