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Elixir Engineer Interview Questions to Hire the Right Senior Developer

We have pulled together a comprehensive list of common interview questions that will help you hire an experienced Elixir developer. Let’s take a look at the best question you can ask during an interview and the best way to answer them. Explain the process of sending and receiving a message in Erlang Use an exclamation

Tuesday June 02, 2020

Top Interview Questions and Answers for a Junior Elixir Developer

Elixir – an introduction A dynamic and functional language to be used for creating applications that can be scaled, Elixir is based on the virtual machine language Erlang, itself written by Ericsson in 1986 in response to concurrency and fault tolerance, is used for operating low latency and fault-tolerant systems. Elixir provides extensible design and

Thursday May 28, 2020

C# Interview Questions and Answers

Below can be found the top interview questions and answers concerning C#, catering for both professional C# developers and beginners alike. 1. C# – what is it? Developed in 2000 by Microsoft, C# is a programming language for computers. It was designed to be a multi-purpose programming challenge to enable the use of various kinds of

Tuesday May 26, 2020

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